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BBC Sept. 11, 2001 8:34 am - 9:16 am


Published September 11, 2001

News from BBC TV was recorded by the Television Archive, a non-profit archive. Video available as a loan (stream) only.

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Date: 2001-09-11 12:34:30 UTC
Air Time: 2001-09-11 08:34:30 EDT
Length: 0:41:41

Producer BBC TV
Production Company BBC TV
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: Horsted Keynes Webmaster - - September 22, 2014
Subject: Junior reporter caught in the headlights
This was a very junior reporter straight out of training school where the one thing they drum into them is to confirm, confirm and confirm. NEVER speculate. So even if she had seen a flying saucer land I very much doubt that she would have dared to say anything without authority!
This was not the BBCs finest hour especially as it was overseas. At home we did indeed get proper contemporaneous commentary.
I rather think this was a case of the presenter being like a rabbit staring in the headlights. Completely unable to think straight and only able to concentrate on her awful pronunciation. Don't worry what you say but make sure you articulate it properly!
It is worth adding that the lady is no longer on our screens so she has either gone to a shopping channel or is now perhaps a higher paid member of higher BBC management.
Three stars - could have done a LOT better.
Reviewer: JustBecauseThatsWhyOK - - November 18, 2012
Subject: This film has been edited
This footage clearly has been doctored/manipulated
Beginning at 38:29
notice how the Verrazano bridge moves!
Reviewer: stereo_world - - August 29, 2010
Subject: Get a grip
Geez Ryan, get a grip mate, seriously.

As someone else said, BBC world is not our terrestrial news, BBC news is.

I have a vision of you sat there comparing the time of the explosion to the time the BBC report it. It does take 5 or 10 minutes for the news to be filtered through and verified before it can go on air (I don't work in journalism, but I imagine that's what happens). You can't just expect the channel to suddenly cut to the story when no-one knows if it's correct or not.

If you've ever stayed in a hotel room with a television, you'll probably notice BBC worldwide being broadcast. We don't normally get news about American Football, but I'm sure people who travel would like to know.

The second plane hitting. The only person who doesn't appear to bat an eyelid was the lady breaking the news. You seem to think that everybody watching in Britain didn't react either. Well we did. And we do care.

Finally, the tower collapse. Ok, a full minute before it was reported. Yep, we fucked up there. A full 60 seconds it took to tell us what we had already seen on the screens.

Just chill out!
Reviewer: wbc_worker - - August 9, 2010
Subject: The World will never be the same.
In the UK on the digital channel which used to be called BBC News 24 which I happened to be watching that day was a lot different than the video from BBC News World Service above and
they were very quick to show live shots and they did spot the second plane smashing into the second tower.

As far as I recall the only time they switched away from WTC was to show Bush at a School
where he was told a major attack was in progress and also to show images from the Pentagon

It was a terrible day for us all.

I feel so sorry for the families of the victims when they read wild accusations that it was all a big conspiracy - and the totally crazy ' No plane theories ' and hundreds of others.

The facts speak for themselves.
Reviewer: Twinkle4 - - July 26, 2010
Subject: Re: Previous Review
Ryans92. This was a broadcast from 'BBC News World Service', which is NOT broadcast to Britain, but to the world. Our own BBC News Service did run wall to wall news of events as they happened,taking over the scheduled programming throughout that terrible day. Remember, many British nationals died in the attacks. Take your head out of your self-absorbed butt and look around the world. A lot of bad things are happening to millions of innocent people. DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM??!!!!
Reviewer: ryans92 - - July 2, 2010
Subject: TERRIBLE broadcast!
This is fucking terrible! You report an explosion at the WTC, then cut to a report about FOOTBALL?! WHAT...THE...FUCK! First of all, NO ONE IN BRITAIN FUCKING CARES ABOUT AMERICAN FOOTBALL! Second of all, THERE'S AN EXPLOSION AT THE FUCKING WORLD FUCKING TRADE FUCKING CEN FUCKING TER! Are you Brits seriously that self-absorbed that you just don't give a fuck about what happens to us?

And then when the second plane hits RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FUCKING EYES no one reacts. There's no gasps, no "Oh my God's", nothing. They aren't even aware of a second plane hitting until an eyewitness tells them even though happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!

Then, when the towers collapsed, nobody even noticed until over a MINUTE afterwards. A MINUTE! For BOTH of them! Are these people fucking stoned? Can they not tell what is happening right in front of their fucking eyes? Everyone else could! If anyone had to watch the BBC on this day, I pity you because this is just fucking terrible!
Reviewer: Matt Nelson - - December 31, 2008
Subject: Mirrored
Yes, I downloaded all of the 9/11 TV archives and put them on my website in flash video:
Reviewer: Yonah76 - - May 12, 2008
Subject: Better way to save.
You DO NOT have to download Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro) to save these videos.

1)Download Opera Web Browser. (free)
2)Load this video page, let the video load completley.
3)From Opera's Menu go to "Tools, Advanced, Cache"
4)Search for ".flv" you will see the video listed, including the address. Right click and save the file.
5)You can play them back with VideoLAN player. (free)

No need to spend hours downloading ISO files for Linux, fiddling with your Internet settings. You can always save files directly from Opera.
Reviewer: Jow - - May 8, 2008
Subject: Actually, you CAN download the Flash movie.
@koolgiy: You can download the Flash movie. It's not hi-def, but it's good enough quality, IMHO. Here's how you do it:

1. Boot into Ubuntu/Linux. If you haven't got Ubuntu, download version 8.04 or later from and install it. You can even install it on your Windows PC without interfering with your Windows installation: It comes with an installer for Windows that can make Ubuntu use a normal file as its hard drive and still make your PC dual-boot into Ubuntu (no virtual machine/emulator).

2. Make sure you've got Flash installed in Ubuntu. You may need to go to Applications -- Add/Remove... and install Flash from there (search for flash and install).

3. Then visit this page and click play on the video and then click pause after it's started playing. Wait till the progress bar has gone all the way to the right, ie. the video has fully loaded.

4. Go to /tmp and look for a file named Flash123xzy or similar. Copy that file to your desktop. It's a .flv file; you can rename it to e.g. bbc.flv. You can watch the file with e.g. Videolan's VLC (from ).
Reviewer: koolgiy - - May 2, 2007
Subject: Download
Too bad you dont have this to download in a hi-quality version. I could use one for a school project.
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